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NiceReply reports our NPS scores are the 3rd highest among their customers.
CSAT SCORE: 9.69 / 10
CES SCORE: 6.27 / 7

Yes, Google Uses Our Flight Desk

Since 2012 AirTreks has managed flights for the Google Associate Project Managers (APM) program (AirTreks also managed flights for Yahoo’s APM programs for years).

Google typically requests flights for 30 to 150 people flying concurrently from and to multiple locations around the world, several times per year. We worked with Marissa Meyer and now work with Brian Rakowski, who has told us that Google uses AirTreks because they know they can count on us to take care of them.

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Concierge Flight Desk for Tours
You do the tours, we do the flights. Your customers travel happy and your business (and life) is easier.

Group Travel Planning
We make the most complicated kind of travel planning look easy. Here’s a look at how our groups portal works:

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Employee Sabbaticals
Retain top talent and boost productivity with packaged solutions that minimize your HR effort. Customized marketing materials, policy implementation assistance, and curated experiences to help your talent make the most of their time away from the office.

RTW for Travel Agencies
Wholesale RTW tickets for CLIA or IATA certified agencies who want net pricing on RTW trips.
AirTreks Travel Planners work with you directly to build fully custom air itineraries for your clients. Enjoy net pricing and even run your client’s charges through our system without additional fees.

Affiliate Revenue
Want to make money with your travel blog or podcast? We’ll help you the same way we have helped influencers like Nomadic Matt, Rolf Potts, Chris Christensen, Extra Pack of Peanuts, BreakIntoTravelWriting.com, and Vagabrothers to share world travel with more potential explorers. Learn more and sign up here.


How to know if you’re NOT a good fit to partner with AirTreks

If the bulk of your business is roundtrip flights to big competitive destinations. Our tools and expertise aren’t likely to help you save or improve enough to find any margins.

If you primarily focus on trips within the USA or Caribbean. There’s just so much competition and the audiences are typically cost shoppers – tough for us to beat and offer superior support.

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